What’s a Coffee Talk?

Region 8 WIE Coffee Talks are small, casual group discussions on topics related to Women in Engineering, allowing the participants to gain insights into the knowledge and experience of a successful woman in STEM. Your WIE Affinity Group members, and everyone who is interested in empowering women, are welcome to join!

How to organize a coffee talk:

  • Invite a valuable guest to speak about interesting topics
  • Gather your WIE Affinity Group members, and others, for a round-table discussion
  • Get your coffee and drinks while having an interactive discussion
  • Share your event with R8 WIE, who in turn will spread the word about the WIE Coffee Talks you organized and promote your successful events to inspire and get inspired!

R8 WIE Team encourages you to host Coffee Talks at least once in a month. Coffee Talks are easy to organize, and sharing knowledge matters. Creative and influential discussions during Coffee Talk gatherings might bring you more opportunities and ideas for even more events. Take advantage of being together!

To share your photos and tell us more about your events, please send us an email on [email protected] or write us on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn if you have any questions!