How to establish a YP Affinity Group

How to establish a YP Affinity Group in your section?

In order to establish a YP Affinity Group in your Section, you have to:

  • Gather 6 YP members in your section
  • Contact your section’s chairman
  • A petition must be filled out with each member’s name and signature, the name of your section, and the name of your group’s organizer (who serves as interim chair until the election of a chair at one of your first meetings)
  • Next, the petition must be submitted to your section’s executive committee for approval and then sent by email to IEEE Member and Geographic Activities staff at the Operations Center, in Piscataway, N.J. The IEEE staff then works with the affinity group organizer to complete the establishment of the group, ensuring that the appropriate IEEE region director and section have no objection to the formation.
  • When your petition is accepted, start using YP’s supporting programs.

Publicize Your Activities

When you organize an event, it is always a good idea to submit an article to Region8News or GOLDRush.