A Step-by-Step Guide for Student Branches

Step 1. Host your first Executive Committee meeting

  • Discuss roles and responsibilities
  • Diariase monthly meeting dates
  • Plan first event


Step 2. First event

  • What is IEEE? Why we joined? Why should YOU?
  • Take attendance and photos
  • Report your event on vTools
  • Share on social media


Step 3. Advertise and encourage participation

  • IEEEDay
  • IEEEXtreme
  • Student Paper Contest
  • IEEEduino


Step 4. Why so serious?

  • Organize team-building activities
  • Pizza and Games day/night


Step 5. Half-year membership season

  • Recruit new members (1 March – 15 August)
  • Get discount on renewal fee by recruiting


Step 6. Call for nominations for new officers

  • New committee elections day
  • Report new officers on vTools
  • Submit your SB Annual Plan Report by February 1st
    • No Report = No Rebate!