SPC Contest 2018 Results

The Oral Presentations  for the five finalists of the SPC 2018 were held on May 2 at Melecon 2018 at Marrakesh, Morocco.

The marks of the oral presentation, (max 30) were added to the marks from the assessment of the written paper (max 70) to give the final result. The first three prizes have also a financial reward of US$800, US$500 and US$200 respectively awarded from the IEEE Life Member Fund

First Prize

Ahmed Abdelraouf Mohamed, Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport Cairo SB, Egypt, with the paper , “A Multi-Objective Distributed Generation Allocation and Sizing using Swarm Intelligence Based Algorithms”


Second Prize

Benjamin Chiêm, Université Catholique de Louvain SB, Belgium, with the paper, “Supervised classification of structural brain networks reveals gender differences”


Third Prize

Marko Mihajlovic and  Nikola Popovic, University of Niš SB, Serbia, with the paper, “Fooling a neural network with common adversarial noise”


Congratulations to the three winners, but also to the other two finalists

Nima Taghipour Bazargani, K.N. Toosi University of Technology, Tehran SB, Iran, with the paper, ” A Novel Approach for Probabilistic Hurricane Resiliency Assessment of an Active Distribution System Using Point Estimate Method”

Yazan Qiblawey with co-authors Ruslan Abu Sneineh, Majd Ahmed Abduljabbar and Yousef Jamal Orabi, Qatar University, Doha  SB, Qatar, with the paper, “Design and Implementation of Autonomous Surface Vehicle”


The SPC 2019 will be announced soon, and Student Branch Counsellors should start looking for the best student to send in a paper to the contest.