Final Call for Papers. Deadline extended to December 15 2018.

All information on SPC Rules  is contained on the website at

As a help for SB counsellors included below is a  template regarding the coversheet to be attached with the paper.

Authors of best five papers attend IEEE R8 Eurocon 2019 at Novi Sad, Serbia  in July 2019. The best three papers from the five finalists, judged at Novi Sad, get $800, $500 and $200 respectively. The student branch of the winner also gets $250 from R8.


Student Paper Cover Sheet

Section A

  1. Name of school


  1. Name of Student Branch


  1. Authors with their IEEE Membership Numbers


  1. Name, address, contact phone and e-mail of  author to whom         correspondence should be addressed


  1. Name, address, contact phone and e-mail of  Student Branch Counsellor


  1. Name, address, contact phone and e-mail of  Student Branch Chair





Section B

NB: In answering the questions please ensure that information about the authors, school etc. is not included.


  1. Paper Title


  1. What is the problem and why is it important?


  1. What is the original contribution of this work? Be explicit.


  1. Does this work check and / or extend previously reported work? What work? Give references. Be explicit.


  1. How does this contribution compare to previously published work?


  1. If the paper is to be submitted to one of the IEEE Transactions, which Transactions would be the most appropriate?