Chapter Coordination Subcommittee – Historical overview

Chapter Coordination Subcommittee 2021-2022

Andrejs Romanovs



Albert Lysko

(South Africa)

Past Chair

Aleksandar Mastilovic

(Serbia and Montenegro)


Wynand Lambrechts

(South Africa)

Matej Pacha


Toni Mattila




Anna Litvinenko


Muhammad Al-Barham


Liaison from SAC

Rawan El Jamal


Liaison from YP

Corresponding members (ex officio):

Division Directors from Region 8:

Society/Council Presidents from Region 8:



Chapter Coordination Subcommittee 2019-2020


Albert Lysko Matej Zatc Wynand Lambrechts
Chair: Albert Lysko (South Africa) Matej Zajc (Slovenia) Wynand Lambrechts (South Africa)

Hossam Fahmy (Egypt)


Corresponding members: All Division Directors and Society/Council Presidents from Region 8

  • Division Directors from Region 8:
    • Division III Director: Sergio Benedetto (Italy)
    • Division VI Director: Manuel Castro (Spain)
  • Society/Council Presidents from Region 8:
    • IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society: Paolo Gamba (Italy)
    • IEEE Industry Applications Society: Georges Zissis (France)
    • IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society: Alaa Abunjaileh (UK & Ireland)
    • IEEE Power Electronics Society: Frede Blaabjerg (Denmark)
    • IEEE Circuits and Systems Society: Amara Amara (France)
    • IEEE Computational Intelligence Society: Bernadette Bouchon-Meunier (France)
    • IEEE Electronic Packaging Society: Christopher Bailey (UK & Ireland)
    • IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Society: Alistair Duffy (UK & Ireland)
    • IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society: Salvatore Baglio (Italy)
    • IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society: Imre Rudas (Hungary)
    • IEEE Systems Council: Vincenzo Piuri (Italy)

(as appointed by IEEE Region 8 Director for 2019-2020 Magdalena Salazar Palma)





Chapter Coordination Subcommittee 2015-2016



Chapter Coord. Sub. Presentation in Limassol's Meeting


Chapter Coordination Subcommittee 2013-2014


Region 8 Coordinator for Chapters: Nazih Khaddaj Mallat (United Arab Emirates)
Student Chapter Activities Coordinator: Alexandros Osana (Greece)
Corresponding Members: Ugurcan Sengit (Turkey),  Maria Trocan (France)

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Ensure Quality Chapter Opportunities Through Continuous Engagement of Society and Council Coordinators:  R8_list_Apr_2013 (see linkage diagram to the wider IEEE: R8_TA_relations_higher_committees_v1 )


Inspire, Enable, Empower and Engage Chapters of Region-8 for the purpose of

  • fulfilling the mission of IEEE
  • enhancing the Chapter’s growth and development
  • providing a professional home

For more information – refer to the Region 8 Governing Documents.

The Chapters are the main fields of the members’ activity

  • Members shape IEEE‘s future in Chapters
  • Members collaborate to create IEEE‘s future in Chapters
  • IEEE organization units (OUs) enhance members’ future in Chapters


  • Increase membership and member engagement in Chapters
  • Improve the quality of technical activities
  • Increase operational efficiency and effectiveness of Chapters and Chapter Coordinators
  • Improve relationships with and between Societies, Councils, Sections and Chapters (including Student Branch Chapters)
  • Enhance collaboration with other IEEE organization units and other professional organizations

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