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We are Young Professionals


Young Professionals, previously known as Graduates of Last Decade (GOLD), is the group of IEEE members that have completed their first academic degree within the last 15 years. The Young Professionals program has been established to provide the framework and tools necessary for Sections to use in their efforts of retaining recent graduates, boosting early career skills and network, provide additional membership benefit and engage young entrepreneurs with the IEEE community.

Benefits of the IEEE Young Professionals program include:

  • IEEE technology and information resources
  • Professional networking opportunities, emphasized during conferences
  • Hands-on Leadership opportunities
  • Research & career resources
  • Online seminars
  • Skill building opportunities
  • Peer connection
  • Local social and technical activities
  • Local implementation of Young Professionals programs with up to 2750$ per year of co-financing

Check also the global Young Professionals website for more information.

Contact us at [email protected]

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IEEE Region 8 Young Professionals Committee


Victor Fouad Hanna, an IEEE fellow, France Section past Chair and Region 8 Committee member in various positions since 2001, has been recently elected by the president of the French Republic as Knight “Chevalier” in  The Legion of Honour which is the highest decoration founded after the French Revolution.

[singlepic id=9 w=450 float=center]

In the photograph above Mr Didier LOMBARD, Commandor of The Legion of Honour (Gener al President of France Telecom & Orange) gives Victor the insignia of this honour Medal on april 05, 2011.

Victor has also received recently during the IEEE Intenational Microwave Symposium, the IEEE/MTT-S Society 2011 N. Walter Cox Award of the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society (MTT-S).  This award recognizes an individual who has given exemplary service to the Society in a spirit of selfless dedication and cooperation.

The citation reads:

“ In recognition of exemplary service to the MTT Society in a spirit of selfless dedication and cooperation”.
IEEE Region 8 congratulates Victor for the two awards and is very happy to have in its family such honored members.

Other important IEEE Awards


The awards and recognition program of the Member and Geographic Activities Board (MGA) is designed to promote, recognize and reward excellence in the MGA operations and IEEE Geographic Unit Activities (Regions, Geographic Councils and Areas, Sections, Chapters, Student Branches, and Student Branch Chapters).

IEEE Awards and Recognitions

For more details see: http://www.ieee.org/awards/

Joint Awards with National Societies

The IEEE establishes National Society Agreements with appropriate local societies in the various countries of the world to encourage and contribute to the progress of electricity, electronics, computing sciences, and allied branches of engineering and science – as well as education in those fields – for the ultimate benefit of the engineers and scientists of those countries.
The main purpose of these agreements is to generate cooperation between the country’s National Society, and the local IEEE Section. It is hoped that this cooperation will assist in enhancing the image and position of the engineers and scientists of the country, as well as raising the image of IEEE to the general public.
One of the most successful means of cooperation, thus far, has been the establishment of a Joint National Society / IEEE award.
In the countries where these have been established, the energy and activities of the IEEE Section have increased greatly, as well as the visibility of the IEEE to the public.
These awards are fully sanctioned by the IEEE and the IEEE Awards Board, and have a high IEEE award level similar to an IEEE Technical Field Award. The award organizing committee and the jury for selecting the awardee are drawn from the country organizations cooperating in the joint award, with a representative of the IEEE Awards Board participating as liaison.
Through a grant from the IEEE Foundation, funds are available to assist in the process of creating the first award in a country. After the first award, all project funding must be developed from sources within the country.
The Awards Board has approved the establishment of nine joint awards. For more details see  here.

Fellow & Senior Member Nominations

You are encouraged to consider nominating worthy candidates as Fellows or Senior Members. The Fellows Nomination process has been made a lot easier with electronic submission. Please start early as the deadline of 15 March for Fellows nominations is strictly adhered to.


Please visit the IEEE Fellow Web Site for details. To access the electronic submission system: from the IEEE Fellow Home Page, click “call for nominations” and follow the instructions. If you have questions or comments, e-mail [email protected]

Senior Members

Please visit the IEEE Senior Members Web Site for details and to access the electronic submission system. For information on how your Section or Society can earn cash rewards for nominating a Senior Member candidate, see Nominate a Senior Member Initiative. A list of newly elevated Senior Members is posted on the SM Updates page.
For additional information contact Mila Thelen – IEEE Regional Activities – telephone +1 732 562 6376 . If you have any questions regarding the status of a Senior Member application, e-mail [email protected] or go to the SM Status page.
At its 15 November 2008 meeting, the IEEE Member and Geographic Activities Board approved the 2008 MGA Award recipients listed below. The MGA Awards and Recognitions Committee received many nominations recognizing the accomplishments of candidates whose contributions encompass the vision, mission and goals of MGA. On behalf of the MGA Board and the MGA Awards and Recognitions Committee, we thank all the members who took their time to submit the nominations.

MGA Achievement Award

MGA Leadership Award

MGA Innovation Award

MGA Larry K. Wilson Transnational Award

MGA GOLD (Graduates Of the Last Decade) Achievement Award

IEEE Region 8 Chapter of the Year Award

The Award is intended to recognize the outstanding performance of Region 8

  1. Technical Chapters (categories: Small, Medium and Large)
  2. Student Branch Chapters (categories: Small, Medium and Large)

in serving their members and the technical community and establishing goodwill within and between the Region 8 Sections. Any active single or joint Society or Council or Student Branch Chapters of Region 8 is eligible and can apply for one of the three awards according to their relative size. No Technical Chapters may receive two Region 8 Chapter of the Year Awards within three years.


The selection is based on the outstanding performance of the nominated chapter, reflected by the completed nomination form and supporting documents. In selecting award recipients, the relevant awards ad hoc committee considers contributions of the nominee to chapter activities.


Nomination and Selection Procedure

To be considered as a nominee, this form must be completed describing activities and associated contributions made by the nominee in the activity period January 1 through December 31 of the year for which the nomination is considered. This activity should also be presented with appropriate supporting documents e.g. meeting programs, newsletters, councils/societies’ or councils/societies’ newsletter articles or website addresses.

The nomination must be endorsed by the section chair. The section chair (or a designated section authority) is kindly requested to submit the completed nomination form and upload supporting documents online.

The submission takes place through the R8 Awards portal. Please note the dates on the portal as nominations sent before or after these dates will not be considered.


For further information, please contact the Chapter Coordination Subcommittee Chair at [email protected].

Additional information on IEEE Region 8 Awards can be found here.




R8 Chapter of the Year Awards Winners for 2022


We are proud to announce the R8 Chapter of the Year Awards Winners for 2022 (for the work in 2021):


Winning Technical Chapters in 2022 awards:
  • R8 Chapter of the Year Award – Large: Tunisia Section Computer Society Chapter
  • R8 Chapter of the Year Award – Small: Jordan Section Robotics and Automation Society Chapter

Winning Student Branch Chapters (SBC) in 2022 awards:

  • R8 Student Branch Chapter of the Year Award – Large: ESPRIT Student Branch Industry Applications Society Chapter, Tunisia Section
  • R8 Student Branch Chapter of the Year Award – Medium: American University of Sharjah Student Branch IEEE-HKN Lambda Lambda Chapter, United Arab Emirates Section
  • R8 Student Branch Chapter Award – Small: ESPRIT Student Branch Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society Chapter, Tunisia Section




R8 Chapter of the Year Awards Winners for 2021

We are proud to announce the R8 Chapter of the Year Awards Winners for 2021 (for the work in 2020):

Winning Technical Chapters in 2021 awards (for 2020 efforts):
  • Large Chapter: IEEE UK and Ireland Section, IEEE Power and Energy Society Chapter
  • Medium Chapter: IEEE Latvia Section, IEEE Communications, Microwave Theory & Techniques, Antenna and Propagation Joint Societies Chapter
  • Small Chapter: IEEE Mauritius Section, IEEE Power and Energy Society and System Councils Joint Chapter

Winning Student Branch Chapters (SBC) in 2021 awards (for 2020 efforts):

  • Large SBC: ESPRIT University IEEE Computer Society Student Branch Chapter, IEEE Tunisia Section
  • Medium SBC: ESPRIT University IEEE Industry Applications Society Student Branch Chapter, IEEE Tunisia Section
  • Small SBC: Kyambogo University IEEE Photonics Society Student Branch Chapter, IEEE Uganda Section

Winners in the category “Most Virtually Active and Adaptive Region 8 Chapter/Student Branch Chapter of the Hard COVID-19 Times” in 2021 awards (for 2021 efforts):

  • Technical Chapter: IEEE Italy Section, IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society Chapter
  • SBC: University of Manchester IEEE Power Electronics Society Student Branch Chapter, IEEE UK and Ireland Section


R8 Chapter of the Year Awards Winners for 2020

We are proud to announce the R8 Chapter of the Year Awards Winners for 2020 (for the work in 2019):



Winning Technical Chapters in 2020 awards (for 2019 efforts):

Winning Student Branch Chapters (SBC) in 2020 awards (for 2019 efforts):

Winners in the category “Most Virtually Active and Adaptive Region 8 Chapter/Student Branch Chapter of the Hard COVID-19 Times” in 2020 awards (for 2020 efforts):

See details about the process etc. in the article here.


Congratulations to the winners: the Chapters, Student Branch Chapters, their leadership and associated universities and Sections! Thank you very much for your great work!




IEEE R8 Chapter of the Year Awards Winners for 2019

We are proud to announce the R8 Chapter of the Year Awards Winners for 2019 (for the work in 2018):


Technical Chapters:


Student Branch Chapters (SBCs):



CONGRATULATIONS to the Chapter leadership, volunteers, respective Sections and to the universities hosting the SBCs!

SBC 2010 IEEE Women In Engineering Workshops

IEEE Women In Engineering, Importance and Challenges

Bashayer Ibrahim Al-Awwad and Pilar Molina Gaudó

Date and time
Friday August 6, 9h30-10h45


The workshop will have two parts:

  • A presentation that covers the aspects about IEEE WIE vision and mission. It is also going to cover the expected benefits of becoming a member in IEEE and WIE specifically.
  • A panel discussion on Cross-Cultural Success Stories of Women In Engineering: the idea is to have role models that represent the different parts of Region 8 (Middle East, Africa and Europe) to discuss the challenges and difficulties they faced in their work and volunteering careers along with their success stories in their respective fields.


W(I)E are active!

Borbála Hunyadi and Zhanna Khaymedinova

Date and time
Friday August 6, 11h15-12h30


The idea of workshop is to interactively discuss how to arrange different activities under the frames of Women In Engineering. The activities must be attractive and interesting. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to be creative, active, enthusiastic. After sharing our experiences about past WIE activities in Leuven, we expect the participants to do the same. Think of a good and a bad example, either as a participant or an organizer! We will investigate both the strengths and drawbacks of these events, and possible ways to improve them. The main aspects of the discussion will be structured around the following questions: How to attract more people, especially women? How to advertise and promote WIE events? How to be successful and interactive? How to keep the participants awake? We are waiting for active collaboration and communication from participants. We are ready to discuss and learn from you!

For more information about the congress Programme click here

IEEE Region 8 Student Branch and GOLD Congress 2010 August 4-8 2010 Leuven, Belgium

[singlepic id=6 w= h= float=left]


Biannually, the student activities committee of IEEE Region 8 organizes a Student Branch and GOLD (Graduates Of the Last Decade) Congress, where around 300 IEEE student branches members, gold members, women in engineering members and young engineering professionals from all over Region 8 (Europe, Asia and Africa) meet. Traditionally, this event is a melting pot of a variety of cultures and backgrounds, the perfect opportunity to share technical, social and professional experiences.

Previous editions of this congress were held in Istanbul (’98), Eindhoven (’00), Cairo (’02), Passau (’04), Paris (’06) and London (’08) as one of the biggest events in the world for young engineering professionals and students all aged less than 28 years. Region 8 Student Services encourages and supports local student branches to develop these activities, but also provides opportunities for the students branches to collaborate on bigger scale and exchange experience.

WIE is going to participate through the congress program and will have special workshops which are organized in pairs. The first of the paired workshops for WIE will be entitled “IEEE Women In Engineering, Importance and challenges” while the second one will be entitled “W(I)E are active!”.

In parallel to the Student Branch Congress, a Professional activities summit is organized on Saturday, August 7. For more information click here

This is an event that you don’t want to miss.  Different expert speakers will participate. Seize the chance to meet them up.
For more information about the congress speakers click here

Women In Engineering, Science, and Technology Forum “A Better Planet”

February 19, 2011
Dubai, United Arab Emirates


While “Sustainability” is the main theme for the 6th IEEE GCC conference, this issue has become the main target of GCC government leaders. However to achieve this goal, the whole community, in particular the “women Community” must take part in different ways. This can be realized by enhancing the current and future female community with various aspects such as education, exposition to available sources, creating a well rounded knowledge about science and technology and learning from successful stories.


  • Recognizing the contribution of women in general and IEEE women members in particular and identifying role models.
  • Encouraging women to participate in the 6th IEEE GCC conference and submit articles for the conference.
  • Enhancing public awareness of IEEE and WIE.
  • Inspiring all WIE members to realize their potential to help change lives.
  • Creating opportunities for cross generational, disciplinary, and cultural learning.
  • Focusing on women in the profession.
  • Increasing industry awareness and support for academia.
  • Increasing awareness on Environmental issues.

For more information click here

Global Marathon For, By and About Women in Engineering

We invite you to participate in the coming Global Marathon. The Seventh annual Global Marathon For, By and About Women in Engineering – a live webcast and teleconference – will take place March 7-12, 2011. For more information please visit:

All presentations will be archived so if you miss it you can still log on and learn!

Watch current chairs and global participants prepare for the 2011 marathon.

Spread the news and Enjoy!

Summary of the WIE Munich-Passau First Meeting

On January 28th the Germany Section Women in Engineering (WIE) Affinity Group and the Student Branch Passau WIE group and friends gathered for their first meeting at the Garching Forschungszentrum, close to Munich.

The program for the day was quite intensive and started with the visit of the Leibniz Rechenzentrum, where the group attended a facility tour and an impressive demo in the 3D visualization lab, followed by the talk “Refinement-Based Verification Of Interactive Real-Time Systems” given by Dr. Maria Spichkova (TUM) at GE Global Research premises. The technical program went on with lab tours with the MRI, Solar and High Power Electronics stations. At the end the participants left Garching for a networking dinner in the Munich city centre, where everybody could relax and exchange thoughts & impressions of the day.

More information at the link: http://ewh.ieee.org/mu/germany-wie/events/