Fellow & Senior Member Nominations

You are encouraged to consider nominating worthy candidates as Fellows or Senior Members. The Fellows Nomination process has been made a lot easier with electronic submission. Please start early as the deadline of 15 March for Fellows nominations is strictly adhered to.


Please visit the IEEE Fellow Web Site for details. To access the electronic submission system: from the IEEE Fellow Home Page, click “call for nominations” and follow the instructions. If you have questions or comments, e-mail [email protected]

Senior Members

Please visit the IEEE Senior Members Web Site for details and to access the electronic submission system. For information on how your Section or Society can earn cash rewards for nominating a Senior Member candidate, see Nominate a Senior Member Initiative. A list of newly elevated Senior Members is posted on the SM Updates page.
For additional information contact Mila Thelen – IEEE Regional Activities – telephone +1 732 562 6376 . If you have any questions regarding the status of a Senior Member application, e-mail [email protected] or go to the SM Status page.
At its 15 November 2008 meeting, the IEEE Member and Geographic Activities Board approved the 2008 MGA Award recipients listed below. The MGA Awards and Recognitions Committee received many nominations recognizing the accomplishments of candidates whose contributions encompass the vision, mission and goals of MGA. On behalf of the MGA Board and the MGA Awards and Recognitions Committee, we thank all the members who took their time to submit the nominations.

MGA Achievement Award

MGA Leadership Award

MGA Innovation Award

MGA Larry K. Wilson Transnational Award

MGA GOLD (Graduates Of the Last Decade) Achievement Award