Awards & Recognitions Committee (ARC-8)

  • Margaretha Eriksson (Sweden) – Chair – Ex-Oficcio
  • Costas Stasopoulos (Cyprus) – Past Chair
  • Jaafar M. Al Ibrahim (Saudi Arabia)
  • Igor Kuzle (Croatia)
  • Athanasios Skodras (Greece)

Responsibilities of the Region 8 ARC
The Region 8 Awards and Recognition Sub-Committee is responsible for informing the Sections and Chapters of the IEEE awards program. In particular, the Sub-Committee is responsible for the administration of the Region 8 awards and recognition program. It aims to make all members in the region aware of the awards available, and to encourage them to nominate candidates from their Sections, Chapters, etc. The Sub-Committee is required to follow the procedures defined in the Rehion 8 Operations Manual before an award is made. It also liaises with the Student Activities Committee (SAC) and the Chapter Co-ordination Sub-Committee in regard to the awards administered separately by them.