Region 8 Outstanding Women in Engineering Student Volunteer Award Guidelines

Region 8 Women in Engineering Student Volunteer of the Year Award

The Student Volunteer of the Year Award recognizes an outstanding WIE Student volunteer who has been devoted to promoting WIE activities and spearheading events within their Student Branch AG.


Eligibility Criteria


Applications will be reviewed by the WIE R8 Sub-Committee, who will select a winning Student Volunteer. The winning Student Volunteer will then be, as a second step, validated by the R8 Awards and Recognition Sub-Committee.  The following criteria will be considered for the review of applications:


1)     WIE Student member in good standing.

2)     One endorsement letter written by your Section Chair highlighting achievements and contributions of the student volunteer to the AG.

3)     Both applications and nominations are accepted and any Student volunteer may apply for the award, and any member of the Section may nominate a Student volunteer.


The winning Region 8 WIE Student Volunteer will receive 250 USD.

Nominations are accepted until June 15th 2024 through IEEE Region 8 Awards Portal.