IEEE Students Awards

Larry K. Wilson Regional Student Activities Award

  • Why? Recognize, annually, in each Region of the IEEE, the Student member most responsible for an extraordinary accomplishment associated with Student Activities.
  • Who? IEEE Student Volunteers
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Regional Exemplary Student Branch Award

  • Why? Provide public recognition of exemplary IEEE Student Branch operations. Awards will be presented to those Student Branches that are found to be operated in a manner consistent with the goals of IEEE.
  • Who? Student Branches
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The Darrel Chong Student Activity Award

  • Why? Change the mindset of our student groups, from being number-driven to becoming value-driven and to acknowledge exemplary student activities around the world. The goal is to improve the quality of activities and to foster knowledge sharing among students.
  • Who? Student Activities
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Outstanding Branch Counselor and Branch Chapter Advisor Award

  • Why? Aware of the unusual and dedicated efforts of Student Branch Counselors and Branch Chapter Advisors, the Regional and Technical Activities Boards sponsor a cash award to each of the approximately 20 outstanding Counselors and Advisors around the world.
  • Who? Student Branch Counselors and Chapter Advisors
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