A Step-by-Step Guide for Student Branch Chapters

Step 1. Host your first Chapter Committee meeting

  • Who could attend?
    • You can invite the Advisor to the meeting
    • Important chapter officers should attend
    • SB Representative (e.g. Chair, Chapter Coordinator) could also be invited
    • Your meeting could be open to all Chapter members or entire SB members
  • Discuss the roles and responsibilities of your Chapter officers according to your Student Branch Constitution following your Student Branch and its Chapters reality.
  • Schedule your meeting dates according to your needs
  • Plan your events and your overall activity
  • Prepare your action plan for your Chapter Chair to present it at the SB ExCom meeting


Step 2. Participate and organize events

  • Participate in your SB introductory event and explain “What is your Society? Why did we join  and why should YOU?”
  • Co-organize events with your Student Branch and participate in your SB events like:
    • IEEEDay 
    • IEEEXtreme 
    • Student Paper Contest
    • IEEEduino
  • Learn about other activities related to the society and organize related events:
    • Distinguished Lecturer Program
    • Society-driven contests and competitions
    • Seminars and workshops on society-related field
    • Team-building activities for your Chapter members to strengthen useful connections with others
  • Advertise and encourage participation:
    • Take attendance list and photos for the event
    • Report your event on vTools “Important”
    • Share it on social media


Step 3. Establish useful connections to your SB chapter

  • Create connections with the other SB chapters inside your University
  • Create connections with similar SB chapters in your Section, your Region or even globally
  • Keep in touch with the SSAC and SSR in your Section
  • Keep in touch with the related chapter committee in your Section
  • Keep in touch with Student Activities officers of your Society


Step 4. Half-year membership season

  • Recruit new members (1 March – 15 August) at a 50% discounted price in comparison with full-year membership
  • Get a discount on the renewal fee by recruiting through IEEE Member-Get-A-Member program


Step 5. Call for nominations for new officers

  • New committee elections day
    • This is encouraged to be the same with your Student Branch elections
  • Report new officers on vTools
  • Report your activity back to your SB ExCom and your Society according to its standards