Student Paper Contest 2019 – Final Results


The oral presentations of the finalists took place during EUROCON2019 at NoviSad, Serbia between July 1 and July 3.
The jury members were Prof Anastas Mishev, Prof Vera Markovic and Prof Paul Micallef.
Here are the results.

  • FIRST PRIZE and award of $800
    Ariane de Vroede, KULeuven SB
    “A 94 GHz Voltage-Boosted Energy Harvester in 45 nm CMOS Achieving a Peak Efficiency of 21.2% at – 8.5dBm Input Power”.
  • SECOND PRIZE and award of $500
    S. Akhavan, M. Kamarei, H. Soltanian-Zadeh, University of Tehran SB
    “Spatio-Temporal Modeling of Absence Epileptic Seizures Using Depth Recordings”.
  • THIRD PRIZE and award of $200
    Gabriele Mosaico, Matteo Saviozzi, University of Genova SB
    “A hybrid methodology for the day-ahead PV forecasting exploiting a Clear Sky Model or Artificial Neural Networks”.

The student branch of the winner – KULeuven SB – also gets the ‘Dick Poortvliet Award’ of $250.