Student Paper Contest 1999

The 1999 IEEE Region 8 Student Paper Contest received 21 papers from 16 StudentBranches in 9 countries:

  •     Belgium, University of Ghent
  •     Belgium, University of Liège
  •     Germany, Ruhr-University Bochum (2)
  •     Germany, University of Hannover
  •     Germany, University of Karlsruhe
  •     Iran, Sharif University of Technology (2)
  •     Iran, University of Tehran
  •     Italy, University of Parma
  •     Macedonia, University of Sts. Cyril and Methodius
  •     Netherlands, Delft University of Technology (2)
  •     Netherlands, Eindhoven University of Technology (3)
  •     Slovenia, University of Ljubljana
  •     Slovenia, University of Maribor
  •     Switzerland, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zürich
  •     Turkey, Bogazici University
  •     Turkey, Middle East Technical University Ankara

The oral finals were held in Bled, Slovenia, on 13 July 1999, as part of ISIE’99, the International Symposium on Industrial Electronics.

The three winners were:

  1. Vili Podgorelec (Maribor University, Slovenia) Self-adapting evolutionary decision support model
  2. Dimitri Vandeville (Ghent University, Belgium) Non linear resampling for edge-preserving moiré suppression
  3. Katrin Schroeder (Bochum University, Germany) Synthetic aperture-based reconstruction of intravascular ultrasound images in the time domain and frequency domain

The other four papers selected for the oral finals were:

  • Hamid Reza Azarinia (Sharif University, Tehran, Iran) Optical coupler fabrication based on buried field-assisted ion-exchange method
  • Giseppe Garcea (Delft University, Netherlands) Derivation of data flow networks for a specific domain of applications
  • Tobias Raithel (ETH Zürich, Switzerland) Software synthesis with evolutionary algorithms
  • P.M. Risseeuw, (Eindhoven University, Netherlands) Development of a hysteresis current controller for three phase induction machines

The five jury members were:

  •     Buyurman Baykal, Baskent, Turkey
  •     Jordan Kolev, Varna, Bulgaria
  •     Caro Lucas, Tehran, Iran
  •     Javier Macías-Guarasa, Madrid, Spain
  •     Baldomir Zajc, Ljubljana, Slovenia

and the whole event was coordinated by Martin Bastiaans, Eindhoven, Netherlands, IEEE R8 SPC coordinator.