Alpha Engineers


The Alpha Engineers Competition is an IEEE R8 Professional and Educational Activities programme addressed to the IEEE Region 8 Sections and sub-Sections only,  that aims at organizing events for promoting engineering to the community via various means. The goals of the programme are to:

  • Empower section volunteers to collaborate with their local pre-university community;
  • Promote STEM, in particular engineering;
  • Enhance the level of technical literacy of pre-university educators and pupils;
  • Encourage pre-university students to pursue technical careers, including engineering;
  • Increase the general level of technical literacy of pre-university students throughout their education;
  • Change the views on engineering and accentuate the importance of engineering in the world.

The sessions/events can be delivered by IEEE volunteers or invited speakers (IEEE members or non-IEEE members). A set of activities are eligible for the Alpha Engineers competition. These are being further described in Alpha Engineers Competition handbook.


Eligible Activities

  • Teacher In-Service Program (TISP) workshops.
  • TISP 2.0
  • Working with children training events for volunteers.
  • Engineering talks for parents.
  • Career talks for upper level pupils.
  • Online talks for schools.
  • Science Fairs Participation

Eligible Participants

IEEE Region 8 Sections and sub-Sections

Alpha Engineers Handbook

Alpha Engineers Handbook