Action for Industry Testimonials

My name is Adeola Sekinat Tijani. I am a graduate of Information and Communication Science from the prestigious University of Ilorin. In 2018, I joined IEEE (Institute of Electrical Electronics Engineering) as a student member when I heard about the institution from my lecturer (Dr. Nasir Faruk) who is also a member of IEEE.


When it was time for my Industrial Training (Internship), IEEE played a great role in ensuring that I get a placement in one of the leading technology firm (BrandOne Technologies Limited) in Nigeria. I practically watched and observed the communication flow between IEEE representative(s) and the firm as I was in copy of every exchange of electronic mails between the parties.


IEEE ensured that I get an IT placement in the organization, the institution also did a constant follow-up to make sure that I was comfortable and was acquiring my desired skill(s) in the firm, as they were determined to change my placement if otherwise. After my graduation, I was able to carry out my National Youth Service Corps Scheme (NYSC) and finally retained as a software developer in the organization. Through IEEE, I have been able to acquire my desired skill (programming) and pursue my career as a software developer because of the ability to secure a good IT placement, where I was equipped with the necessary tools I needed to learn and practice what I have learnt. Therefore, IEEE has made a tremendous impact on my career building (as a software developer) and also my employment process (in BrandOne Technologies Limited). I am deeply grateful.


Adeola Sekinat Tijani, Nigeria section