Internship Initiative to support Industry

IEEE Region 8 recognises that IEEE was founded by industry volunteers. It is now time to use the many strengths, facilities and global reach of IEEE to return value to industry. The value proposition of IEEE includes:

IEEE leaderships

  • IEEE is a prominent provider of Lifelong Learning for engineers through its learned webinars and continuing professional development (CPD) programmes
  • IEEE is a leader in establishing (e.g. interworking) standards. Companies benefit from such standards and can participate to develop and influence new standards
  • IEEE provides technical and business forums through its Conferences and Workshops which industry can participate and its engineers benefit
  • IEEE works with national initiatives, e.g. Renewables, for energy and Smart Cities.


The IEEE Student Population

  • The future lifeblood of a company comprises the young engineers recruited to perform the specific functions for a company, starting from the ethos of a company and helping develop its technical operations.
  • The huge global population of IEEE students being trained in diverse engineering disciplines provides a great recruiting base for companies. This is especially so because of the range of languages of the student population and the diverse cultural backgrounds which accompany them.
  • Setting up partnerships with IEEE through the local IEEE Sections and Student Branches will be a major long term opportunity to access a valuable engineering base.


First Phase Actions to Benefit Companies:

  • IEEE in Region 8 is establishing:
    • Selection panels to identify able students for Internship placements in companies
    • Senior Members and Fellows as Mentors to junior engineers and interns
  • Companies can access recruitment opportunities from the depth and diversity of IEEE engineers
  • IEEE Student branch and Young Professionals meetings can include recruitment booths for companies
  • The national IEEE Sections are the bridge from Company to IEEE

Internships provide mutual benefits:

Provide Work Experience to Young Engineers and Access by Industry to highly able Young Engineers. IEEE Action for Industry leadership will facilitate the placement process both by obtaining job descriptions from companies and vetting the student base to offer to the companies a selection of able young engineers to be matched by to the roles. When dedicated effort is applied to fit a placement, it makes sense to ensure that the experience pays off. So, the IEEE leadership will seek feedback to help improve and correct the internship procedure.

The first step we are undertaking is dialogue with industry companies to partner with IEEE to provide internships. IEEE for its part undertakes to vet applicants from its base of young engineers, and to submit to the companies a selection of capable and personable undergraduates and postgraduates. IEEE will use its base of industry Seniors and Fellows to work with industry to facilitate the placements – where such support is sought by a company. Where Seniors and Fellows have joined the IEEE Region 8 Mentoring service, suitable Mentors will be offered to support the industry placements if such support is sought by a company.