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2014-August Amsterdam

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OpCom Reports

Director  (Martin Bastiaans)

Past-Director  (Marko Delimar)

Secretary  (Ali El-Mousa)

Treasurer (Brian Harrington)

V/C Member Activities  (Aleksandar Szabo)

V/C Student Activities  (Pablo Herrero)

V/C Technical Activities  (Carl Debono)

Subcommittee Reports

Awards & Recognition Subcommittee (A&RSC)

V/C Technical Activities  (IRSC) Section Congress Coordinator

Chapter Coordination Subcommittee (ChCSC)

Life Member Coordinator  (LM)

Standards Coordinator  (StC)

Conference Coordination SubCommittee  (CoCSC)

Membership Development Subcommittee  (MDSC) Strategic Planning

Educational Activities SubCommittee   (EASC)

Nominations and Appointments Subcommittee
Candidates' biographies

Voluntary Contribution Fund Coordinator  (VCF)

Electronic Communications Coordinator  (ECC) Professional Activities Subcommittee  (PASC) Women in Engineering Coordinator (WIE)

History Activities Coordinator  (HA)

Region 8 News  (R8News) Young Professionals Subcommittee  (YP)

Section Reports

Austria Section Germany Section Lithuania Section Saudi Arabia (East) Section
Bahrain Section Ghana Section Malta Section Saudi Arabia (West) Section
Belarus Section Greece Section Morocco Section Serbia And Montenegro Section
Benelux Section Hungary Section Nigeria Section Slovenia Section
Bosnia and Herzegovina Section Iceland Section Norway Section South Africa Section
Bulgaria Section Iran Section Oman Section Spain Section
Croatia Section Iraq Section Poland Section Sweden Section
Cyprus Section Israel Section Portugal Section Switzerland Section
Czechoslovakia Section Italy Section Qatar Section Tunisia Section
Denmark Section Jordan Section Republic of Macedonia Section Turkey Section
Egypt Section Kenya Section Romania Section U.K.& Rep Of Ireland Section
Estonia Section Kuwait Section Russia Section Ukraine Section
Finland Section Latvia Section Russia (Northwest) Section United Arab Emirates Section
France Section Lebanon Section Russia (Siberia) Section Zambia Section

Sub-Section Reports

Mauritius Sub-Section Palestine Sub-Section Sfax Sub-Section Sudan Sub-Section Tanzania Sub-Section



Meeting Schedule

Time Table






Novotel Hotel


Room Elicium 1


Room Elicium 1


R8 Committee meeting

R8 Committee meeting



(First floor restaurant)



(First floor restaurant)


R8 Committee Meeting





Registration / Refreshments


Benelux Section presentation (Calla room)


Technical speech

“Electrical Engineering Challenges for Space Applications: An ESA Perspective”

By: Riccardo de Gaudenzi et al.

(Calla room)


Welcome reception (The hotel foyer)


Welcome dinner

Order of the Day

Thursday, 21 August 2014


Time # Type Item Presenter
8:00 101 Procedural Call to order Bastiaans
8:05 102 Procedural Roll call El-Mousa
8:10 103 Procedural Welcome Vandendorpe
8:15 104 Procedural Introduction of new officers El-Mousa
8:25 105 Procedural Introductory remarks / Sven-Olof Öhrvik Bastiaans/El-Mousa
8:30 106 Action Approval of the agenda Bastiaans
8:35 107 Action Approval of the consent agenda Bastiaans
8:40 108 Discussion Director's address Bastiaans
8:55 109 Discussion Secretary's report El-Mousa
9:10 110 Action Treasurer's report  – budget for 2015 Harrington
9:30 111 Discussion Strategic Planning Delimar
9:35 112 Discussion Sections Congress 2014 Salazar-Palma / Skodras
9:55 113 Discussion Awards & Recognitions Delimar/Turner
10:10 114 Procedural Break
10:40 115 Discussion Student Activities report Herrero c.s.
Student and Young Professional Congress outcome ( SYP Photos ) Herrero/Schmid
Student Branch revitalization Arvaniti
11:25 116 Discussion MGA Managing Director's address ( MGA Information Management ) Jankowski c.s.
12:25 117 Procedural Recess Bastiaans
12:30 Group photo
12:40 Lunch
13:30 201 Procedural Call to order Bastiaans
13:35 202 Discussion Presentation of OpCom candidates  ( Presentations ) Delimar
14:35 203 Discussion Presentation of N&A Subcommittee candidates Delimar
14:50 204 Procedural Break – after the break we go into Executive Session
15:20 205 Discussion Discussion about OpCom candidates Delimar
15:50 206 Action Election of OpCom members Delimar
16:10 207 Discussion Discussion about N&A Subcommittee candidates Delimar
16:20 208 Action Election of N&A Subcommittee members Delimar
16:30 209 Procedural Recess Bastiaans


Friday, 22 August 2014


Time # Type Item Presenter
8:00 301 Procedural Call to order and roll call Bastiaans/El-Mousa
8:05 302 Discussion IEEE President's address de Marca
8:35 303 Discussion IEEE Executive Director's address Prendergast
9:05 304 Discussion Member Activities report Szabo c.s
9:50 305 Discussion TM Council change to Technology and Engineering Management Society Desmond
Communication Conference targeted towards industry Desmond
10:00 306 Discussion Section development and vitality: Metropolitan Area Workshop Stasopoulos
10:10 307 Discussion Section development and vitality: Entrepreneur activities Stasopoulos
10:20 308 Procedural Break
10:50 309 Discussion Technical Activities report Debono c.s.
Appropriately allocating expenses from technically cosponsored conferences Debono
Education challenges in the Global Village Pavlidou
The Distinguished Lecturer program Joffe
Webinars on conference organization Haase
Industry Relation activities – experiences and how to proceed Neumeier
11:35 310 Discussion Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technology (SIGHT) Brown
11:45 311 Discussion National Society Agreements Lillie
12:00 312 Discussion IEEE Ad Hoc Committee on Activities in Europe ( Africa Ad Hoc Committee Update ) Delimar
12:15 313 Discussion Director-Elect's address Stasopoulos
12:30 314 Action Motions Bastiaans
315 Action Revision to IEEE Region 8 Operations Manual Delimar
12:45 316 Discussion New business Bastiaans
12:50 317 Info Next meeting El-Mousa/Antoniou
12:55 318 Action Adjournment Bastiaans
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Lunch ends
Durrani -Grand challenges talk for R8 and 9


Consent Agenda

401   Action   Approval of the minutes of the 102nd Region 8 Committee meeting

402   Action   Revision to collection of IEEE Region 8 donations


IEEE Section Naming

About IEEE Section Naming

Tony Davies, 9th June 2014

As a non-political organisation, there is some dislike in IEEE about using words like ‘kingdom’ and ‘republic’ in Section names.  Likewise, few would consider it appropriate to include such phrases as ‘people’s republic of …..’ in a Section name.
On this basis, the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland Section, despite being one of the oldest in R8, and having a large number of members, clearly scores badly!  Moreover the usual abbreviation of ‘UKRI’ has occasionally been the sources of congratulations for the good spoken English of a member, by someone who assumes that it is the Ukraine Section.
Long ago, when the formation of the Section was under discussion, it was proposed and expected that it would be called the ‘United Kingdom and Eire Section’.   However, at that time the Irish members indicated their preference for ‘Republic of Ireland’ instead of ‘Eire’.   While the reasons may not have been clear, hindsight shows it to have been correct.  We do not speak of the IEEE Deutschland Section or the IEEE Espana Section, etc.   We normally use the English-language equivalent (e.g. Germany, Spain, etc).   Likewise, ‘Éire’ is the translation into Irish of ‘Ireland’, and ‘Republic of Ireland’ would be ‘Poblacht na h-Éireann’.
The postage stamps of the Republic of Ireland normally have the word ‘Éire’ on them, often with an indication that the name applies to the whole island and not only to the Republic (see the example illustrated in Fig.1), although some do include ‘Republic’ and are bilingual (English/Irish) as illustrated by another example (Fig.2).
By contrast, the postage stamps of Northern Ireland follow the United Kingdom custom of not including any country-name at all (see Fig.3).
Recently it was decided to prefer the abbreviation ‘UK&RI’ to ‘UKRI’ (which at least, should eliminate the Ukraine connection), and a further step has now been taken.  Subject to MGA approval, the name will just become ‘United Kingdom and Ireland’.
Unfortunately this still has some potential for misunderstanding.  Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom and so appears to be ‘counted twice’ in the name.  This should present no difficulty to mathematicians and software engineers, who know that if A = {x,y,z} and B = {v,w,x} then A ∩ B = {v,w,x,y,z}.   E.g. in Boolean Algebra and in set theory, the logical AND (∩) allows x to be in both.
However, in everyday English, and especially among those with a political agenda, there will be a risk of an assumption that United Kingdom excludes Northern Ireland (and there are some who wish that was the case).   The alternative name of ‘Great Britain and Ireland’ overcomes this difficulty, but no doubt some would object to the adjective ‘Great’ in an IEEE Section name, especially for a geographically-small place.
There are some IEEE members whose geographical expertise is limited (including some in Regions 1 to 6) who may suppose that Scotland and Wales are parts of England;  they might become even more confused by the planned Section name change, especially if, at future time, Scotland were to leave the United Kingdom.   The Section might then be renamed the IEEE Wales, England and Ireland (WEI) Section, but could that lead to demands from the somewhat independent Isle of Man, and the Channel Islands Guernsey, Jersey, Alderney and Sark asking to be included in the name, perhaps as the ‘WEIIoMGJAS’ Section.
In Regions 1 to 7, it is common for Section names to be names of large towns or a city or perhaps a group of associated towns.   For a large city there could be several Sections.   This is very different from Region 8, where the norm is ‘one country = one Section’.  Rules made in Regions 1 to 7 are therefore not invariably directly applicable to Region 8, needing care to prevent possible misunderstandings.
Names are important in human societies, and are particularly linked to politics, in which IEEE should not become involved.   Thus, name changes (for example, from St. Petersburg to Leningrad and back to St. Petersburg) are very important, and may lead to difficulties and anomalies.  We have, in Region 8, the IEEE Czechoslovakia Section, even though there is no longer a country with that name. If split into two, one part would presumably have to be called the IEEE Czech Republic Section, so bringing in the unwelcome ‘republic’ word.
Remember the many cities which have ‘people’s palaces’ (sometimes buildings where the ‘people’ were forbidden to go) and ‘streets of unity’ (when sometimes there was little or no unity).
Those who attended the recent Region 8 Committee meeting may have walked along Andrássy Street, and perhaps few knew that it used to be called Népköztársaság street, which if nothing else, was a good test of the pronunciation skills of visiting foreigners.  This street has had other names, including Stalin street.  So these issues are often very important and emotive, but are ones which IEEE is wise to steer clear of, and IEEE should take care not to risk creating unintended animosities.

                                          Copy of DSCF5319

Fig 1: Republic of Ireland stamp showing the whole island, and name ‘éire’

                   Copy of DSCF5318

Fig.2:  Bilingual stamp, including the ‘Republic’ designation.

                               Northern Ireland

Fig. 3:  Northern Ireland stamp, with no country name.