Order of the Day

Thursday, 21 August 2014


8:00101ProceduralCall to orderBastiaans
8:05102ProceduralRoll callEl-Mousa
8:15104ProceduralIntroduction of new officersEl-Mousa
8:25105ProceduralIntroductory remarks / Sven-Olof ÖhrvikBastiaans/El-Mousa
8:30106ActionApproval of the agendaBastiaans
8:35107ActionApproval of the consent agendaBastiaans
8:40108Discussion Director's addressBastiaans
8:55109Discussion Secretary's reportEl-Mousa
9:10110Action Treasurer's report – budget for 2015Harrington
9:30111Discussion Strategic PlanningDelimar
9:35112DiscussionSections Congress 2014 Salazar-Palma/ Skodras
9:55113Discussion Awards & RecognitionsDelimar/Turner
10:40115DiscussionStudent Activities reportHerrero c.s.
Student and Young Professional Congress outcome ( SYP Photos)Herrero/Schmid
Student Branch revitalizationArvaniti
11:25116Discussion MGA Managing Director's address ( MGA Information Management)Jankowski c.s.
12:30Group photo
13:30201ProceduralCall to orderBastiaans
13:35202Discussion Presentation of OpCom candidates ( Presentations)Delimar
14:35203DiscussionPresentation of N&A Subcommittee candidatesDelimar
14:50204ProceduralBreak – after the break we go into Executive Session
15:20205DiscussionDiscussion about OpCom candidatesDelimar
15:50206Action Election of OpCom membersDelimar
16:10207DiscussionDiscussion about N&A Subcommittee candidatesDelimar
16:20208ActionElection of N&A Subcommittee membersDelimar


Friday, 22 August 2014


8:00301ProceduralCall to order and roll callBastiaans/El-Mousa
8:05302Discussion IEEE President's addressde Marca
8:35303Discussion IEEE Executive Director's addressPrendergast
9:05304Discussion Member Activities reportSzabo c.s
9:50305DiscussionTM Council change to Technology and Engineering Management SocietyDesmond
Communication Conference targeted towards industryDesmond
10:00306Discussion Section development and vitality: Metropolitan Area WorkshopStasopoulos
10:10307Discussion Section development and vitality: Entrepreneur activitiesStasopoulos
10:50309Discussion Technical Activities reportDebono c.s.
Appropriately allocating expenses from technically cosponsored conferencesDebono
Education challenges in the Global VillagePavlidou
The Distinguished Lecturer programJoffe
Webinars on conference organizationHaase
Industry Relation activities – experiences and how to proceedNeumeier
11:35310Discussion Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technology (SIGHT)Brown
11:45311Discussion National Society AgreementsLillie
12:00312Discussion IEEE Ad Hoc Committee on Activities in Europe ( Africa Ad Hoc Committee Update)Delimar
12:15313Discussion Director-Elect's addressStasopoulos
315ActionRevision to IEEE Region 8 Operations ManualDelimar
12:45316DiscussionNew businessBastiaans
12:50317Info Next meetingEl-Mousa/Antoniou
14:00Lunch ends
Durrani -Grand challenges talk for R8 and 9


Consent Agenda

401   Action   Approval of the minutes of the 102nd Region 8 Committee meeting

402   Action   Revision to collection of IEEE Region 8 donations