Region 8 Volunteer Award

  1. Introduction
    The Region 8 Volunteer Award is introduced with the goal of encouraging all volunteers in the Region and of recognizing those volunteers who have made an outstanding contribution to a particular Region 8 Section.
    The Award is a Certificate.
  2. Title
    The scheme will be known as the IEEE Region 8 Volunteer Award.
  3. Eligibility
    The following are eligible as candidates for the Award:
    (a) An IEEE member of any membership grade (Student, Graduate Student, Associate, Member, Senior Member, Fellow, Life Fellow).
    (b) The candidate’s volunteer work is, or has been, on behalf of a Section. The candidate must have been active for at least 2 years in the Section and is not currently the Section Chairman.
    (c) The candidate receives no remuneration for his work for the Section except possibly expenses.
    (d) The members of the Region 8 Awards and Recognition Subcommittee, the Past Region 8 Director or the Director-Elect and Region 8 Secretary are ineligible for the Award.
  4. Conditions for nomination
    (a) Nominations must be made on the Volunteer Award Nomination Form.
    (b) The Nomination Form must be completed by a proposer who is familiar with the work of the candidate and who is a paid-up IEEE member.
    (c) Nominations must be approved by the Executive Committee (ExCom) of the Section. The Chairman of the Section must sign the Nomination Form. Any member of the Section Execution Committee, including the Chairman, made be the proposer.
    (d) Nominations must be received by the Region 8 Awards and Recognition Subcommittee through the Region 8 Awards Portal.
    (e) A Section may put forward only one candidate per year.
  5. Basis of adjudication
    The points which adjudicators will take into consideration include the following:
    (a) Length of service to the Section. (Note: it is not a condition that the candidate is working for the Section at the time he or she is nominated)
    (b) Whether a candidate has introduced new ideas or new developments which have benefited the Section.
    (c) Administrative ability.
    (d) Support for the work of other people who are serving the Section.
    (e) Furthering the work and promoting the objectives of the IEEE and Region 8 in general, and of the Section in particular, at Section, Chapter or Student Branch level, or in some other activity.
  6. Adjudication
    The adjudicators are the members of the Region 8 Awards and Recognition Subcommittee (Chairman, Region 8 Director, Region 8 Secretary, 3 Section Chairs, representative of the Student Activities Committee).
    The adjudicators’ decisions will be final.
    Nomination will be assessed by awarding the candidate up to 10 points for points 2 (b), (c) and (d) of the Nomination Form, taking into account the basis of adjudication set out in paragraph 5.