IEEEmadC – Mobile Applications Development Contest!


February – June 2016


IEEEmadC (Mobile Application Development Contest) is a student contest focused on developing mobile applications. In this contest, teams of up to three students are invited to devise and create mobile applications that will benefit IEEE in the terms stated in the “Application focus areas” chapter of this document. This contest was created to provide IEEE students with additional competitive activities in the scope of computer science. By competing, students would focus on developing their technical and social (team) skills, since the prizes are arranged in a way to encourage teamwork. IEEEmadC is giving Student Branches an additional way for attracting the students to join IEEE since only active student members of IEEE are eligible to compete.


Students are invited to compete individual or in teams of up to three IEEE student members. Any undergraduate, graduate or phd student with an active IEEE membership can compete. Multiple teams can be formed at the same university (same IEEE Student Branch). Each team can submit up to 3 different applications. One student can be part of 2 different teams (i.e. one designer can create design for two different teams). Teams must adhere to the deadline timetable defined on this page, or else their submissions will be invalid. Teams must not accept or use any help from people not in their team. Usage of free and/or open source Internet resources is allowed, but plagiarism and cheating is not.


In registration period Students can register their teams and submit their ideas for the idea stage. Teams do not need to submit any working application in this stage, only description of the application they would be working on.

Scoring criteria

Every application is evaluated in 4 categories with certain number of points for each category. Final score is consisted by sum of all points from every category.

Category Points % (of final score) Explanation
UI Design: 0-30 30% judges assign points in range 0-30
User Experience (UX): 0-20 20% judges assign points in range 0-20
Usefulness: 0-20 20% judges assign points in range 0-20
Availability: 5-30 30% (from 0 to 15) + (n*5);
n is number of supported platforms (max 3)

Selection and Notification of winners

Winners are selected exclusively on the basis of overall score obtained from each judge during the evaluation phase. The scores from each of the categories are summed to obtain the overall score. Winners will be additionally notified by email before the public release of the contest results. All winners will be awarded with smartphone, tablet or money prize.

Winners Categories

Team Winner:

Best team application will be selected based on the best overall score from the all scoring categories mentioned above. This is the IEEEmadC most prestigious award.

Best Design Winner:

In this category judges are focused on overall design of the mobile application UI (User Interface). Winner application will be one that will get best score in UI Design category.

Highest Popularity App:

All submitted applications will be presented on IEEEmadC Facebook pagewith screenshot and video that shows functionality of the application. The application that gets the highest number of likes on Facebook page will be the winner application. Anyone can like the applications.

Computer Society Winner:

This is special category for the IEEE Computer Society members. Winner team members must be Computer Society student members and they will be selected by Computer Society representatives. Since this is the special category all teams (including the winner teams from three categories above) have chances to win it.

Contact and submission procedures

For any questions about this competition, please send us an email or contact us on our Facebook page. Take time to like and track us on Facebook, since it will be the main communication channel for the news related to competition. In order to participate in contest students need to register in our official submission platform. During the idea stage students will submit their ideas about mobile applications that they would like to develop. All ideas will be evaluated within few days from submission and if accepted participants can start with the app development. For the final application submission, teams will be required to send us the following:

  • Screenshots of the working application (minimum 4)
  • Link to the short video showing feature of the application (max 3min)
  • Application installaton files (.apk, .ipa, .xap…)
  • Short description of usefulness and technical approach and tools used while developing the application (450 words max)
  • Link to the online repository(s) of the application (if the code is published online)

Agreement to the official rules

By participating in this contest, participants agree to abide by the terms and conditions as established by IEEE. IEEE reserves the right to qualify all submissions and to reject any submissions that do not meet the requirements for participation as established by IEEE.