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IEEE Region 8 WIE Awards

The IEEE Women in Engineering awards program recognizes WIE members and WIE Affinity Groups who have made outstanding contributions to IEEE WIE, their community, and the engineering profession, through their dedication and involvement in projects or activities directed toward fulfilling the IEEE WIE goals and objectives. Women engineers are among some of the most distinguished contributors to the engineering profession.



In IEEE Region 8 Women in Engineering we recognize the efforts and volunteering contributions in IEEE Region 8, presenting five (5) awards:


Region 8 Outstanding Women in Engineering Student Volunteer Award

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Region 8 Outstanding Women in Engineering Section Volunteer Award

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Region 8 Women in Engineering Student Affinity Group Award

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Region 8 Women in Engineering Section Affinity Group Award

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Clementina Saduwa Award

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Read the guidelines of the awards and share the value of appreciation.

R8 LM Archive

R8 Life Members Subcommittee 2021-2022


Péter Magyar
Germany Section
Victor Fouad Hanna
Corresponding Member
France Section
Tony Davies
Corresponding Member
UK & Ireland Section
Charles Turner
Corresponding Member
UK & Ireland Section
Vinko Lesic
Corresponding Member
Croatia Section

LMAG development efforts

New LMAGs 2021-22

2021 Germany Section

2021 Czechoslovakia Section

2022 North Macedonia Section

2022 Jordan Section

2022 Turkey Section

2022 Poland Section


LMAG formation in progress, 2022

Russia Section

Finland Section



Life Member Awards 2022

LM Individual Service Award:

LMAG Achievement Award:

R8 Winners 

Regional Life Member Individual Service Award 2022

Georgi Dimirovski, North Macedonia Section


Regional Life Member Affinity Group Achievement Award 2022

Germany Section LMAG, Chaired by Hagen Hultzsch



R8 Life Members Subcommittee Activity 2021-2022

LM Subcommittee Chair´s Report 2021-22

2022-12-30 R8 LM Subcommittee _ Closing Report


R8 LM Subcommittee Reports

2021-03-21 LifeMembers_116th R8C Meeting Online

2021-11-05 LifeMembers_117th R8C Meeting Frankfurt

2022-04-02 LifeMembers_118th R8C Meeting Warsaw

2022-09-21 LifeMembers_119th R8C Meeting Cairo


Article submissions – LM Newsletter, Dec 2022, printed issue

Switzerland Section LMAG is sponsoring and contributing to the extension of the ENTER National Museum of Consumer Electronics, opening in new premises by the end of 2023 in Derendingen


New LMAG in North Macedonia


Life Members at Region 8 Strategy Retreat 2022


Cooperation & Support – Important Components of the LM Activity in R8


R8 LMAG In-person Meeting Prague

Hosted by Czechoslovakia Section LMAG, Chair: Andre Sopczak

Venue: Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics, Czech Technical University in Prague (CVUT), Czech Republic

Motto: The current YPs are the future LMs




Arrival, Social Dinner






R8 Section Chairs and LM Subcommittee Joint Meeting, April 08, 2021

Date and Time:

Thursday, April 08, 17:00-18:00 CEST (Central European Summer Time, UTC+2).

Please use the time zone converter to determine your local time.

Region 8 Section Chairs, Region 8 OpCom Members and LM AHC Members are kindly invited.


WebEx Meeting
Join from the meeting link:
Join by meeting number (access code): 130 571 0190


  • 17:00 Opening Address, Roll Call (Peter Magyar, LM AHC Chair)
  • 17:05 LM Overview and R8 Opportunities (Peter Magyar, LM AHC Chair)
  • 17:30:
    • R8 Director´s Comment (Antonio Luque, R8 Director)
    • R8 Vice Chair MA´s Comment (Sara Barros, R8 VC MA)
    • Success Stories (Short reports of Organizers of new LMAGs)
      • Andre Sopczak, Czechoslovakia Section
      • TBD
  • 17:45 Q&A Session (All participants, moderated by Vinko Lesic, R8 LM AHC Member)
  • 18:00 End

Presentation: Life Members – Overview – R8 Opportunities

Group photo of the participants at R8 Section Chairs and LM Subcommittee Joint Meeting, April 08, 2021


HA and LM Joint Committee Meeting, March 16, 2021

Date and Time:

Tuesday, March 16, 16:00-17:00 CET (Central European Time, UTC+1).

Please use the time zone converter to determine your local time.


  • 16:00 Opening Address (Peter Magyar, LM AHC Chair)
  • 16:01 History Activities (Martin Bastiaans, HA AHC Chair)
  • 16:15 History Activities & Life Members (Anthony C. Davies, LM AHC Corresponding Member, HA AHC Member)
  • 16:20 LM AHC Introduction (P. Magyar)
  • 16:30 What do we expect from the LMAGs and Sections (P. Magyar)
  • 16:40 LMAG and LMC Connection (Charles W. Turner, LMC, LM AHC Ex-officio Member)
  • 16:45 R8 LMAG Activity Highlights (Victor Fouad Hanna, LM AHC Past Chair, LM AHC Corresponding Member)
  • 16:50 Connection to YPs and other Affinity Groups (Vinko Lesic, YP, LM AHC Corresponding Member)
  • 16:55 Q&A Session (P. Magyar)
  • 17:00 End

LMAG Chairs´ Meeting, February 23, 2021

Date and Time:

Tuesday, Feb 23, 17:00-18:00 CET (Central European Time, UTC+1) / 16:00-17:00 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time, UTC+0).

Please use the time zone converter to determine your local time.


  • 17:00 Opening Address, Roll Call (Peter Magyar, LMAHC Chair, Germany Section)
  • 17:05 LM Presentation (P. Magyar)
  • 17:15 LMAG and LMC Connection (Charles W. Turner, LMC, LMAHC Ex-officio Member, UK & Ireland Section)
  • 17:20 R8 LMAG Activity Highlights (Victor Fouad Hanna, LMAHC Past Chair, LMAHC Corresponding Member, France Section)
  • 17:25 Connection to the History Committee (Anthony C. Davies, LMAHC Corresponding Member, France Section)
  • 17:30 Connection to YPs and other Affinity Groups (Vinko Lesic, R8 YP, LMAHC Corresponding Member, Croatia Section)
  • 17:35 What we expect from the LMAGs (P. Magyar)
  • 17:45 Q&A Session (Moderator: Victor Fouad Hanna)
  • 18:00 Closing Address (P. Magyar)


R8 Life Members Subcommittee 2019-2020

Chair: Victor Fouad Hanna, France Section

2020: Online LM CC Meeting

2019: Valencia, Spain, October 11, agenda:

  • Welcome, Magdalena Salazar Palma, (R8 Director).
  • Why Don’t Sections Give More Support to Life Members and LMAGs?, Charles Turner (Chair LMC)
  • Report for R8 LMAGs Activities, Victor Fouad Hanna, R8 LMs Coordinator.
  • Benelux LMAG report, Wim van Etten (Chair).
  • Egypt LMAG report, Vice Chair.
  • Coffee Break.
  • Proposal for future, some projects for future implementation, Hugo Wyss, Switzerland LMAG Chair.
  • France LMAG report, Jean Gabriel Remy, Officer .
  • Hungary LMAG report, Imre J. Rudas (Chair).
  • Italy LMAG report, Antonio Savini (Chair).
  • Lunch (12h30 – 14h00).
  • A Possible Development of IEEE Life Membership, Charles Turner (Chair LMC)
  • FRANCE contribution to IEEE Milestones : A valuable task for Life Members, Jean Gabriel Remy.
  • Lebanon LMAG report, Usamah O. Farrukh, (Chair).
  • Slovenia LMAG report, Baldomir Zajc, (Chair).
  • Coffee Break.
  • Practical Advices in Administration and Holding Meetings, Victor Fouad Hanna, R8 LMs Coordinator.
  • Spain LMAG report, Jesús “Fraile Ardanuy, (Spain Section Chair).
  • Switzerland LMAG report, Hugo Wyss (Chair).
  • United Kingdom and Ireland LMAG report, Charles Turner (Chair).
  • Debate and Conclusions.

Notes from the meeting :

Charles Turner raised the question of the lack of support for Life member activities from the Section Committees. The two main problems were the poor state of Section websites and the low level of funding from the Section for LMAG activities. The increase of the Life member Fund budget to $90K this year is a bonus, but it was agreed that the Section Chairs need to be reminded about their responsibilities towards their Life members, especially if they have an LMAG.

Victor Fouad Hanna reviewed the status of LMAGs in Region 8. A new LMAG had been formed in Egypt this year and there were good prospects for more to be formed, especially in Poland and Sweden.

Wim van Etten reported that the Benelux Section had 115 active Life members, based on a recent survey. An EXCOM had been formed to manage the LMAG which had its own website, created using the IEEE template to be found at

Meetings were split between the Netherlands and Belgium and were open to all IEEE members. The average attendance was around 24.

An e-newsletter was sent to all LMAG members.

A Milestone ceremony to celebrate the first demonstration of WiFi would take place on October 29th at Nieuwegein, Holland.

Hugo Wyss reviewed the history of the Switzerland LMAG which had to deal with the two languages spoken in the country. He highlighted the production by Robert Weiss of a ‘tapestry’ of the history of computers. The poster would be translated from the German into French and English, and distributed to IEEE entities across the world, if funding could be secured. The LMAG worked closely with the. Section and a new Chair would be appointed shortly.

Jean Gabriel Remy reported on the Life member activities in France. The very successful technical tour held in Paris, Geneva, and Munich in 2015 had boosted LM activities in the France Section. New Milestone projects were being explored, such as the Transatlantic cable from France to Newfoundland, at an event being planned in Orleans.

Imre Rudas mentioned a strong link between the LMAG and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The relatively small number of Life members in the Section was a limiting factor.

Antonio Savini reported on the wide range of topics pursued by the Italy Section LMAG which had about 100 members. These included the history of technology, Milestone, joint meetings with the Switzerland LMAG, and a visit to the Museum of Technology in Pavia. Attracting members to meetings was a priority perhaps by introducing a social dimension, but more Life members were needed.

Usamah Farrukh reported that the Lebanon Section has only a small number of Life members but had managed to organise some successful events, including introducing robotics to schools.

Baldomir Zaic reported that there was a need to get an updated list of Life members and other retired or older members. Holding meetings via Webex would be helpful, as for other small LMAGs.



  1. The Life Member Coordinator should write to the Chair of every Section that has an LMAGA, asking them to increase financial support for their LMAG and to provide a webpage for Life member activities and news of events.
  2. A top priority is to facilitate the use of Webex for Life member meetings, to reduce the running costs and make it easier to connect members living away from the main urban centres.
  3. LMAGs should make greater use of the larger allocations for Life member activities, up to a maximum of $2,000 each year.
  4. LMAGs should encourage members to apply for the special projects grants available from the Life Member Fund and the IEEE Foundation.



  • Increased collaboration between LMAGs and other IEEE Operation Units in their Sections is very important as the Section can make use of the knowledge and experience of Life Members and also from the more time that they can devote for IEEE Section activities.
  • It is agreed that the inclusion of older members approaching LM status, together with retired members, would transform the viability of the smaller LMAGs.
  • Resources from MGA (Life Member Committee and R8) are now reasonable to make and expand  LMAGs activities.
  • Sponsorship from industry and Government organizations could be available for certain types of projects.

Group picture of the latest in-presence LMAG meeting, Valencia, 2019

Lucija Brezočnik is the first ever female SPC Winner

Did you know that the leading winners of the longest-running Region 8 contest, the Student Paper Contest, were always men until 2016? This year, Lucija Brezočnik is the first ever female SPC winner.
And she has a message, especially for the R8 WIE community. “Do not let a stereotype, that in the STEM fields one gender is better than the other, discourage you from taking this career path. It is easier to give up and convince yourself that STEM is not for you, but if you give it a try and then succeed, you can inspire others, regardless of gender. Therefore, go after your passion, dream big, work hard, learn from your mistakes, do not always take the easiest or safe way, and surround yourself with people who support you. And remember, success is not based on gender, but on your merit!”

After completing primary and secondary school, she enrolled in the university study program titled Informatics and Technologies of Communication, option Information Systems, at the UM FERI. She finished the undergraduate studies in September 2014 with a diploma work titled Development of a decision support system using the non-dominated sorting. Due to her desire to deepen and upgrade knowledge, she continued her studies by enrolling in the master’s study program Informatics and Technology of Communication in the same year. She successfully defended the master’s thesis entitled Particle swarm optimization in feature selection for classification in August 2016. She never used the year off.

During her studies, she was active in many fields. In 2013, she became an online technical editor of the Advances in Production Engineering & Management (APEM) journal, which is abstracted and indexed in the world’s leading bibliographic databases, including Web of Science (Thomson Reuters) and Scopus (Elsevier). A year later, she developed a website for SpinRCP, which is an integrated development environment (IDE) for the Spin model checker, and since then she has been an online editor for this product. At the invitation of the Institute of Informatics at UM FERI, she participated as a developer in the student project “Creative Path to Practical Knowledge,” titled Location-based mobile application testing approach, partially financed by the European Union.

During her master’s study, she received and accepted the offer for a job as a technical assistant at the UM FERI Institute of Informatics. After being elected to the title of an assistant in the subject area of Informatics in 2017, she has an assistant position.

In each academic year of her studies, she was ranked among the top 5% of the most successful students in her generation. In the academic year 2015/2016, she was recognized as the best graduate of second-degree study programs and received the award for outstanding student contribution at UM FERI. She was honoured also by the 2017 University of Maribor rector’s prize.

As a Ph.D. student of Computer Science and Informatics, her research covers the area of computational intelligence, machine learning, data mining, and swarm intelligence. In the past two years, as a young academic, she has prepared and presented seven scientific conference papers, two papers in professional conferences, one scientific conference contribution abstract, and the integral part of a monograph. Currently, one of her scientific articles is in the review process.

More about Lucija can be found on

Energycon 2018 at Limassol, Cyprus

3 – 7 June, 2018
Towards Self-healing, Resilient and Green Electric Power and Energy SystemsENERGYCON 2018 is the 5th IEEE International Energy Conference and will be held between 3-7 June 2018. It is organized by the IEEE Cyprus Section, the IEEE PES Cyprus Chapter, and the KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence of the University of Cyprus, in partnership with IEEE Region 8.ENERGYCON covers a broad range of electric power and energy systems topics and is open to contributions that are related to the theme “Towards Self-healing, Resilient and Green Electric Power and Energy Systems”.ENERGYCON aims to attract scientists, professional engineers and engineering students from all over the world and give them the opportunity to present and publish their work, discuss, exchange ideas and knowledge as well as network for future collaborations. Accepted and presented papers will be published in the conference proceedings and submitted to the IEEE Xplore Digital Library.

More: http://www.energycon2018.

Happy IEEE Day 2017

IEEE Day: Celebrating the first time in history when engineers worldwide and IEEE members gathered to share their technical ideas in 1884.IEEE Day’s theme is: “Leveraging Technology for a Better Tomorrow”. While the world benefits from what’s new, IEEE focuses on what’s next. IEEE Day 2017 is the 8th edition of the same and will be celebrated on 3rd October 2017.

Worldwide celebrations demonstrate the ways thousands of IEEE members in local communities join together to collaborate on ideas that leverage technology for a better tomorrow. We celebrate IEEE members!



Nigeria hosts the first African Student and Young Professional Congress


Nigeria takes the lead to host the first IEEE African Student and Young Professional Congress (ASYPC 2017). The IEEE Student and Young Professionals Congress was held in Africa for the first time after the final approval by Region 8 and the Ad-hoc Committee on Activities in Africa (AHCAA) in July, 2017.

The Team led by the YP Chair of IEEE Nigeria Section, Engr. Abdullateef Aliyu and seven other members comprised of experienced and new volunteers. Finances was a big challenge, but the team did not give up. With the full support of the Region 8 and IEEE Nigeria Section, ASYPC 2017 turned out a huge success.

The Congress was held from 8th – 10th September, 2017 at Baze University, in the beautiful city of Abuja, with 102 IEEE members and 20 invited guest in attendance. Amongst the ten plenary/keynote speakers were the Nigeria Minister of Communication Technology, Barr. Adebayo Shittu and the IEEE MGA Vice President Elect, Martin Bastiaans. There were 6 workshops and 1 panel discussion on Women in Africa: Success and Challenges. Other activities during the memorable 3 days include: a city tour, visit to Lower Usman Dam, Katempe Hill (Center of Nigeria), and Nike Art Gallery where delegates were welcomed in the African fashion and they had the opportunity to inspect artefacts and take memorable photos.

The IEEE PES Workshop on renewable energy was facilitated by Engr. Tunde Salihu (Nigeria), Continuous Education by Rading Reinhardt (Kenya), IEEE SIGHT by Engr. John Funso Adebayo (Nigeria), TISP and EPICS by Assoc. Prof. Tamer Moneir Mousa Nassef (Egypt). The Strategy of Work was done by Mr. Olabode Ojo, the Director of Engineering of Phase3 Telecom (Nigeria) while the workshops for Entrepreneurship and Young Professionals were facilitated by Mohammed El-Dallal (Egypt). A presentation on “Getting Ready for the Digital Economy” was made by John Matogo, the IBM University Leader for East Africa.

The WIE panel session featured 5 panellists that discussed extensively on “Women in Africa: Challenges and Successes”. The panellists include Prof. Gloria Chukuwdebe, Dr. Amina Batagarawa, Lebogang MM Madise, Patience Enahoro and Engr. Mrs. Chidimma Ibeh-Dimnwobi. The discussion was moderated by Toyin Oluwaniyi, Co-founder of Edu-teen foundation.

A poster session was held with seven student branches contesting. Ten judges inspected their works and University of Ibadan, STB28371 was announced as the winner while the first runner up was Obafemi Awolowo University, STB89601. Prizes for the poster session were sponsored by Smile Telecom.

The attendees of the ASYP Congress cut cross the following countries; Nigeria, Ghana, Sudan, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Egypt, and the Netherlands. It was a dream come true for the organizer, the Nigeria section, Region 8 and MGA. We hope this is the beginning of a new era in IEEE activities in Africa. We are very grateful to our sponsors: Prof Mamman Tahir, the Vice-Chancellor of Baze University, Phase3 Telecom, Smile, Ntel, GreenICTi, IAS, IEEE PES, IEEE Nigeria Section, AHCAA, Young Professional AG, WIE, IEEE SIGHT and IEEE- EAB.

Abdullateef Aliyu, YP Chair – IEEE Nigeria Section

Meet Henry Ford

The five-day workweek by Henry Ford:
“It is high time to rid ourselves of the notion that leisure for workmen is either ‘lost time’ or a class privilege.”


Meet Gustav Eiffel

Gustav Eiffel, is best known for the world-famous Eiffel Tower, built for the 1889 Universal Exposition in Paris, and his contribution to building the Statue of Liberty in New York.

He also presented a project to build the Dom Luis I Bridge in Porto and his student Theophile Seyrig built it. We are sure that IEEE UP Student Branch will organize a visit there during IEEE R8 SYP Congress 2018 and you will have the chance to take a lot of selfies!!

Check those Inquiry lesson plans on building and structures:


Meet Nicola Tesla

Nicolas’ Tesla turning point in his life to become an engineer was one of his professors!

Which was your turning point to choose to be an engineer?

If you are a teacher, a parent, a DIY, a “might to be engineer”, or just interested in electricity – Then visit IEEE lesson plans in electricity and get experimented!