Committee in 2012

The IEEE Region 8 Committee consists of:

  • Section representatives
  • Operating Committee
  • Appointed Members

 Section Representatives

In the IEEE Region 8 Committee, Sections are represented by their Chairs. Section Chairs may appoint an alternate representative to the Region 8 Committee. The most recent list of Region 8 Sections and their representatives to the Region 8 Committee may be found here.

Operating Committee (OpCom)

Appointed members

Ad-hoc members

Sub Committees

Awards & Recognition Subcommittee

Chapter Coordination Subcommittee

  • Daniel Pasquet (France) – Chair
  • Members appointed by Societies/Councils

Conference Coordination Subcommittee

Educational Activities Subcommittee

GOLD Subcommittee

Industry Relations Subcommittee

Membership Development Subcommittee

Nominations and Appointments Subcommittee

Professional Activities Subcommittee

Strategic Planning Subcommittee

Student Activites Subcommittee