Venice 09 – Schedule

Friday 24 April 2009

Time Room Tintoretto Room Tiepolo Room Canaletto
8:00 8:30 TA VC Opening & General Introduction Membership Development Gold
8:30 10:00 IRC, Energy, ISBIR & Standards Subcommittee


10:00 11:30 IRC, Energy, ISBIR & Standards Joint MD &Gold Student Activites SubCommittee
11:30 13:00 Section Solidarity Initiative(How strong Sections can help developing Sections)
13:00 14:00 Lunch
14:00 16:00 Conference Subcommittee


Professional Activities Strategic Planning Subcommittee
16:00 17:00 Education Activities Subcommittee Operations Review Subcommittee
17:00 18:00 Awards & Recognitions
18:00 19:00
Room Albinoni
17:00 18:00 Membership Development tutorial – A.Szabo
18:00 19:00 Meeting with Italy Section Officers
19:00 19:40 Lecture by: Pietro Palella (General Director of STMicroelectronics) “Innovation in a global environment: the STMicroelectronics case” Summary: “Innovation” has been and still is the key driver of the semiconductor industry. While technology innovation remains the focal point, the globalization of the scenario and a significant shift in the value chain in the industry impose to rethink most of the processes in the Company. Business model innovation has been the pillar of the ST success in recent years, while a new meta-national model for R&D is the challenge for the future. A quick overview on how innovation at 360 degrees has reshaped the Company.
Ristorante La Fontanella
19:40 21:30 Welcome Dinner

Saturday 25 April 2009

8:00 16:00 IEEE Region 8 Meeting Room Dogi A
16:30 20:00 Depart by bus and then for a Cruise of Vaporetto around Venice Island, sightseeing spots and monuments commented by English speaking Guides. Getting to S.Marco Channel and arrival in Piazza San Marco. Sightseeing Piazza San Marco and its monuments illustrated by English speaking Guides
19:45 22:30 Vaporetto brings us to Palazzo Vendramin Calergi, home to Social Dinner (ACTV pier San Marcuola, 200 m walk). Short sightseeing of the Palazzo up to the Dining Room. Dress Code, Formal
22:30 23:00 Return at the Hotel

Sunday 26 April 2009

Room Dogi A Room Albinoni Room Tintoretto
8:00 13:15 IEEE Region 8 Meeting
14:15 16:15 Chapter Coordination Subcommittee


Educational workshop/tutorial – M.Kam/J.C.Freira


16:15 17:45 Global History Network seminar – J.Baal Schem