2011, March – London

This page contains information about the 96th IEEE Region 8 Committee Meeting to be held in London on 25-27 of March 2011.

Strategic Planning Meeting:  StrategicPlanningMeeting

Agenda Book

Meeting Information
Travel Advisory:  londonheathrow_travel_guideacd-final-6feb
Unapproved Prague 2010 Minutes:  95th ieee region 8 committee meeting minutes

Do you need a Visa for UK? Please check this link to find out
https://www.gov.uk/check-uk-visa. If you do then please download
and fill this form and send it to Julia Hyde at [email protected] .

Section Report Template (Sample data has been used in the form for demonstration purposes)

OpCom Reports

Director:  Director
(Marko Delimar)

Past-Director:  PastDirector
(Jozef Modelski)

Secretary:  Secretary
(Costas Stasopoulos)

Treasurer:  Treasurer
(Brian Harrington)

V/C Member Activities:  aziz
(Ali El-Mousa)

V/C Student Activities:  aziz
(Elias Nassar)

V/C Technical Activities:  MA
(Saurabh Sinha)

Subcommittee Reports

Awards & Recognition SubCommittee:  AwardsAndRecognition  (A&RSC)

Jubilee Book Editorial Board:  IRSC

Sections Congress Coordinator:  Region8News

Chapter Coordination SubCommittee:  ChCSC  (ChCSC)

Life Member Coordinator:  Jubilee

Standards Coordinator:  SC

Conference Coordination SubCommittee:  CCSC

Membership Development SubCommittee:  LifeMembersCoordinator (MDSC) Strategic Planning:  SP

Educational Activities SubCommittee:  ChCSC (EASC)

Nominations & Appointment SubCommittee:  MD

TAB Committees Liaison:  StandardsCoordinator

Electronic Communications Coordinator:  EASC (ECC)

Professional Activities SubCommitte:  NA (PASC) Voluntary Contribution Fund Coordinator:  TAB
GOLD SubCommittee:  ECC Publications Coordinator:  PA Webmaster:  VCF
Industry Relations SubCommittee:  GOLD (IRSC) Region 8 News:  PC Women In Engineering Coordinator:  IMC

Section Reports

Austria Section:  Austria Germany Section:  Germany Lithuanian Section:  Lithuania Saudi Arabia (East) Section
Bahrain Section:  Bahrain Ghana Section:  Ghana Malta Section:  Macedonia Saudi Arabia (West) Section:  RussiaNW
Belarus Section:  Belarus Greece Section:  Greece Morocco Section:  Malta Serbia And Montenegro Section:  Saudi_Arabia_West
Benelux Section:  Benelux Hungary Section:  Hungary Nigeria Section:  Morocco Slovenia Section:  SerbiaAndMontenegro
Bosnia And Herzegovina Section:  BosniaAndHerzegovina Iceland Section:  Iceland Norway Section:  Nigeria South Africa Section:  SerbiaAndMontenegro
Bulgaria Section:  Bulgaria Iran Section Oman Section Spain Section:  Slovenia
Croatia Section:  Croatia Iraq Section:  Iraq Poland Section:  Norway Sweden Section:  SouthAfrica
Cyprus Section:  Cyprus Israel Section Portugal Section:  Poland Switzerland Section:  Spain
Czechoslovakia Section:  Czechoslovakia Italy Section:  Italy Qatar Section Tunisia Section:  Sweden
Denmark Section:  Denmark Jordan Section:  Jordan Republic Of Macedonia Section:  Portugal Turkey Section:  Switzerland
Egypt Section:  Egypt Kenya Section Romania Section:  Romania U.K.& Rep Of Ireland Section:  Tunisia
Estonia Section:  Estonia Kuwait Section:  Kuwait Russia Section:  Russia Ukraine Section:  Turkey
Finland Section:  Finland Latvia Section:  Latvia Russia (Northwest) Section:  RussiaNW United Arab Emirates Section:  UKRI
France Section:  France Lebanon Section:  Lebanon Russia (Siberia) Section:  Russia_Siberia Zambia Section:  Ukraine