IEEE 98th Region 8 meeting in Berlin, Germany

On 31 March – 1 April 2012, the 98th IEEE Region 8 Committee meeting took place in Berlin Germany. One hundred and eighty people attended the meeting and participated in the workshops, the subcommittee meetings, the main Region 8 meeting and the social events. The scope of the workshops was the following:

1- Identify the top two good and two bad section practices that sections in Region 8 are engaged in.

2- How do sections perceive member engagement and what are the top two best practices or activities and how do they pursue that? Also try to find the bad or negative issues related to this.

3- Discuss issues to do with the public visibility of IEEE within the sections and what activities and practices can be done to enhance it.

You can take a look at the presentations during the meeting and a summary of the results of the workshops here.

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The date of the event coincided with the Regions’ 50th anniversary which was celebrated at the Berlin Technological museum. A 50 year anniversary banner was presented by IEEE president Gordon Day to Region 8 director, Marko Delimar, right after the keynote address by VDE President Alf Henryk Wulf. VDE, the German Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies, one of the largest technical and scientific associations in Europe with more than 34,000 members. A 50 year anniversary banner was also presented to UK&RI Section chair Nihal Sinnadurai and a 25 year anniversary banner to UAE Section chair Maryam Ali Al Thani. During the meeting the very prestigious Larry K. Wilson Transnational Award was presented by IEEE president Gordon Day to Roland J. Saam, U.K. & Rep. of Ireland Section, for exemplary service and significant contributions over many years, particularly developing and maintaining the distinctive IEEE Region 8 News, which fosters collaboration and engagement across three continents.

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