Order of the day – Valletta


8:000:05:00100ProceduralCall to OrderMagdalena Salazar
8:050:15:00101ProceduralRoll Call and IntroductionAna Madureira / Magdalena Salazar
8:200:05:00102ProceduralWelcome by Malta SectionMalta Section Chair – Conrad Attard
8:250:05:00103ProceduralIntroductory RemarksMagdalena Salazar
8:300:05:00104ActionApproval of the AgendaMagdalena Salazar
8:350:05:00105ActionApproval of the Consent AgendaMagdalena Salazar
8:400:25:00106DiscussionIEEE Region 8 Director’s AddressMagdalena Salazar
9:050:30:00107DiscussionIEEE President’s AddressJosé Moura
9:350:10:00108DiscussionIEEE Region 7 Director’s AdressMaike Luiken
9:450:10:00109DiscussionIEEE Region 10 Director’s AddressAkinori Nishihara
9:550:05:00110ProceduralIntroduction to Poster SessionMagdalena Salazar
10:000:45:00111Poster session (Exhibition Hall – Level 2)Poster Session: Sub Committees + R8 SYP Poster + Coffee BreakAll Sub Committees
10:450:25:00112DiscussionStudent ActivitiesMaciej Borówka
11:100:25:00113DiscussionMember ActivitiesAdeel Sultan
11:350:25:00114DiscussionTechnical ActivitiesSohaib Sheikh
12:001:00:00SocialLunch (Admirals Landing Restaurant – Level 5)
13:000:30:00201DiscussionIEEE VP, MGAB, IEEE MGA: Strategy & Direction / Managing Director, MGAB: Member & Geographic ActivitiesFrancis Grosz / Cecelia Jankowski
13:300:15:00202DiscussionPublications and Communications CommitteeChristopher James
13:450:45:00203Poster session (Exhibition Hall – Level 2)Poster Session: 1/2 Sections + Humanitarian Activities Workshop (Simay Akar, Carapecchia – Level 8 )1/2 Sections / Simay Akar
14:300:20:00204DiscussionLeveraging Local Strengths – TA and MGAKathy Land
14:500:15:00205DiscussionVienna Office ActivitiesClara Neppel
15:050:45:00206Poster session (Exhibition Hall – Level 2)Poster Session: 2/2 Sections + Coffee Break2/2 Sections
15:500:20:00207DiscussionIEEE Strategic plan 2025-2030: Lessons Learned. How entrepreneurship finally caught on within IEEEDejan Milojicic
16:100:10:00208DiscussionStrategic Planning CommitteeAntonio Luque
16:200:15:00209ActionVoting for Posters to be presented on stage on SundayMagdalena Salazar
16:350:05:00210ProceduralClosing of day oneMagdalena Salazar
16:400:05:00211SocialGroup photoAna Madureira

Saturday Afternoon

17:500:10:00SocialMeeting Point: Outside Hotel
18:001:30:00SocialBoat tour + Lift + Walking
19:302:30:00SocialDinner at Casino Maltese, city centre
22:000:30:00SocialReturn to Hotel walking


8:000:05:00300ProceduralCall to Order and Roll CallMagdalena Salazar
8:050:15:00301DiscussionPresentation of Section poster voted best Industry Activity + discussionAna Madureira
8:200:15:00302DiscussionPresentation of Section poster voted best Membership Activity + discussionAna Madureira
8:350:15:00303DiscussionPresentation of Section poster voted best Section Vitality Activity + discussionAna Madureira
8:500:15:00304DiscussionPresentation of Section poster voted best Action for Africa + discussionAna Madureira
9:050:10:00305DiscussionNominations and AppointmentsMargaretha Eriksson
9:150:30:00306DiscussionTreasurer’s ReportAdam Jastrzebski
9:450:15:00307DiscussionAfrica CouncilHabib Kammoun
10:000:30:00SocialCoffee Break
10:300:15:00308DiscussionIEEE Technical Awards – Recognizing Technical Excellence and LeadershipVin Piuri, IEEE Technical Field Awards Council Chair
10:450:10:00309DiscussionR8 Flagship ConferencesLjupco Karazdinov
10:550:30:00310ActionMotions, presentation, discussion, votingAntonio Luque
11:250:30:00311DiscussionPresentations of President-Elect CandidatesKathy Land / Dejan Milojicic
11:550:10:00312DiscussionNew BusinessMagdalena Salazar – All
12:050:10:00313DiscussionNext Region 8 Committee MeetingSpain Section representative – Manuel Ballesteros
12:150:05:00314DiscussionClosing Remarks IEEE PresidentJosé Moura
12:200:05:00315DiscussionClosing Remarks R8 DirectorMagdalena Salazar
12:250:05:00316ProceduralAdjournmentMagdalena Salazar – All
12:301:00:00SocialLunch (Admirals Landing Restaurant – Level 5)

Consent Agenda

501ActionApproval of the minutes of the 111th Region 8 Committee meeting
502ReportSub Committe and Section Reports