2008, September – Québec Agenda Book Index

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General information
Floor plan Hilton Hotel:  floor_plan_quebec
List of Participants:  participants_list_quebec
Unapproved Minutes of the Malta meeting:  minutes_malta
CVs of the candidates: election_candidates
OpCom reports
Director:  director_report_quebec
Membership Activities:  ma_report_quebec
Student Activities:  sac_report
Technical Activities:  ta_report_quebec
Treasurer:  treasurer_report_quebec
Secretary:  secretary_report_quebec
minutes of the Cyprus OpCom meeting:  opcom_minutes_protaras
Awards and Recognitions:  arc-r8_report_quebec
Chapter Coordination [report ( ccsc_report_quebec ) -delegates( ccsc_delegates_r8 ) -Chapter of the Year Form( Chapter-of-the-Year-Form-2008 ) -roster( chapter_roster_2008 )]
Nominations and Appointments:  na_strategic_baldomir_zajc
Professional Activities:  professional_activities_report
Strategic Planning:  na_strategic_baldomir_zajc
Other reports
Portugal Section Proposal Host Committee meeting:  portugal_proposal_r8cm_host
Tunisia Section Proposal Host Committee meeting 2010:  tunisia_proposal_r8cm_2010