R8 VC TA 2010

Following the recommendations by the R8 N&A Committee and OpCom, Fritz Bekkadal was appointed as the acting Region 8 Vice-Chair for Technical Activities since January 1, 2010.
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He is replacing Rami Mushcab who was elected MGA Vice Chair – Strategic Planning. Rami has offered great contributions as 2009 R8 VC/TA!

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Congratulations to Fritz Bekkadal for his appointment and to Rami Mushcab for his great work!

Fritz Bekkadal’s CV

MSc in Solid State Electronics and Micdal‘s CVrowave Engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim, Norway.

Present and past activities:
His work experience comprises: Scientific Assistant and Associate Professor in Microwave Engineering, NTNU (1973-76), Research Scientist and Head of Radio Systems Section, ELAB (Electronics Research Laboratory) (1976-82), Chief Engineer and R&D Director, Kongsberg Maritime/Autronica (1982-90), Director of Research, SINTEF DELAB, Division of Telecommunications and Acoustics (1990-96), Research Director, SINTEF Telecom and Informatics, Division of Radio Systems and Signal Processing (1990-98), Research Manager, TBL-ITF (“The Norwegian Information Technology Industry Association” within NHO – “The Norwegian Confederation of Business and Industry”) (1998-2001), Director of Abelia Innovation (Abelia – NHOs “Association for ICT and knowledge-based enterprises”) (2001-04), CEO, Gersemia – Bekkadal Consultancy and Engineering Services (2004 – ) and Senior Scientist (part-time), MARINTEK e-Maritime (2007- ).

Professional interests and research:
Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), Telecommunication systems and technologies, Wireless Telecom, Sensor and Surveillance systems, Radio and Radar systems technologies, Microwaves and Antenna Engineering, Electromagnetic wave propagation, Analogue and digital signal processing, Multi-sensor systems and data fusion.

Mr. Bekkadal is holding several international patents within the field of radar-based sensor technologies for surveillance applications.

Mr. Bekkadal is the author and co-author of some 100 reports and publications.


  • 1990-96  Chairman of Norway Section
  • 1996-       Vice Chairman of Norway Section
  • 1994-       Chairman of Norwegian Joint Chapter on Communications, Signal Processing and Information Theory
  • 2003-09   Industrial Relations Officer, Norway Section