Tunisia OpCom

The last OpCom meeting of Region 8 took place in Hammamet, Tunisia from July 9th -11th. The meeting was combined with the celebrations of Tunisia’s Section 1st year anniversary and the IEEE 125th year anniversary celebrations in Tunisia.
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A very well organized and successful event took place in the Elgazala Technology Park. First The Tunisia Section Secretary Professor Jejel Ezzine made the welcome address. Region 8 Director Jozef Modelski talked about the IEEE and its 125 years history and achievements, then Tunisia’s Section Chair Mourad Loulou talked about the first year of the Tunisia Section. The main lecture was given by Professor Khaled Ben Letaief from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, which was enjoyed by the audience and stirred a lot of discussion and questions afterwards. The whole event ended by a reception and the cutting of the two anniversary cakes, one for IEEE Tunisia Section and one for IEEE. Ly expanding Tunisia SectionAll the OpCom members had a chance to talk and socialize with the local members and students and some powerful connections were made. This event will give a further push in the rapidly expanding Tunisia Section.
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The OpCom during their stay in Tunisia visited several technological companies in the Elgazala Technology Park and had the chance to meet with local industry engineers and learn about Tunisia’s Technologies.
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The OpCom also had a chance to meet with the local Tunisia Section Officers in a separate event and dinner and talked to them and exchanged ideas on various aspects of mutual interest.

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Special thanks have to go to the Tunisia Section and especially to its Chair Professor Loulou Mourad, for organizing all the successful events and for the great work done in organizing a great OpCom meeting.