Venice 2009

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On the 25th-26th of April, the picturesque city of Venice was the host for the 92nd meeting of the IEEE Region 8 Committee. The program of activities and initiatives for this year was very interesting and productive. One of our goals for the future is to continue our best practices and at the same time respond relevantly to the regional and global challenges. There was a lot of idea exchange and the caucus groups produced some very interesting results. The format of our meeting was characterized by a lower number of reports and more time was spent on interactive discussions. OpCom gave its priorities and expressed its vision for the Region’s future. The meeting was attended by the IEEE President and Past President as well as by the new IEEE Executive Director. The three candidates for the IEEE President-Elect were also present, they addressed the meeting and answered the questions from the participants. One of the newly introduced element was also the technical presentation, which was given on Friday evening, following the meeting with the Italy Section officers. Pietro Palella , the CEO of STMicroelectronics gave an excellent speech on the topic “Innovation in a global environment”. The social event on Saturday evening was sponsored by the Italy Section and took place in Venice and included a boat ride, a walk around St. Marks Square and an excellent dinner. For the final version of the reports and the presentations please visit the Venice page.
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I would like to express my appreciation to all the participants of the meeting for their active involvement and valuable contribution; in particular to the Italy Section, R8 Secretary and R8 Treasurer for an outstanding preparation of the event.

Jozef Modelski,
Region 8 Director